We're creating a place for our customers and friends to connect and learn

About Us

55 Degrees is a small but mighty app development company located in Malmö, Sweden. Our apps (ActionableAgile™️, Portfolio Forecaster, Klar, Koppla and Inspekt) help you improve different aspects of your work so you can get more done and reduce stress at the same time. 

Why Join Us?

Our customers have more in common than the fact that they use our apps. We want to have a place where you can learn from each other by asking the wider community for their input on your questions and challenges and provide a place where you can share your own successes. If you succeed then we succeed!

A Big Thanks

Not only do you help other community members by participating here, you also help us improve our apps. By hearing about your challenges and successes, we learn a lot about what the community needs and how we might be able to help. Thanks for providing this opportunity!